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Our Rooms

Stay with us

Stylish Statements from Jean Nouvel in white, grey or black.

Our Bedrooms

Visions in white or grey with a breathtaking view to amazing city landmarks. With these rooms we believe in the power of reduction and concentration on the essentials.

A women strapping on high-heels A women strapping on high-heels

The Suites

SO/ Vienna has 26 elegant suites. Suites that inspire with a perfect interplay of unique design and minimalist style.

A large dining table fitting 10 peaple in a dark black and grey dining area

Adjoining Rooms

Guests travelling with friends and family will love our connecting rooms. Book with us and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing instantly that everyone in your party will be just a door away.

SO/ Vienna

SO/ In Love

Surprise your favorite person with a romantic package at SO/ Vienna. Enjoy the breathtaking view and spoil yourself with a glass of champagne and tempting gifts in the room.

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Street level view of a large hotel partially blocked by a row of classical buildings
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